Letters To Madelyn {7 Months}

You turned 7 months old today! Here’s what you were up to during your 6th month of life:

You are so fast! It seemed like you were such a little froggy crawler and then all of the sudden you started really taking off!

And once you got places you decided you liked to pull up on anything and everything and just stand around.

And then you decided you liked to bend over and pick things up with one hand while just holding on to whatever you were standing by with the other…made me a nervous wreck, but you’re really holding your own!

You love when anyone crawls around with you and you love to find me hiding around the corner waiting on you. :)

You love to swing your swing, but refuse to get in it. I’m sure you’re a big help with the other babies at daycare.

Lately I’ve been finding you with Daddy reading Curious George stories before bed so that is probably your favorite book this month.

You’ve started wrinkling your nose when you smile a lot.

You are really liking wheels on things and are loving ride on toys.

You still love baths and just the water in general.

Some of my favorites from the daily pictures we send every morning:

You say mama, dada, baba (this seems to refer to a ball you like to play with). You started chattering up a storm while we were on vacation.

That leads to the most exciting thing you did this month–a roadtrip to North Carolina to stay at Uncle Tom & Aunt Kathy’s lakehouse with most of the Baker clan for a week! You are not a fan of the car so we’ll just try to forget that part and get to the good stuff. :)

playing with cousins

time on the dock in the kiddie pool–which leads to a set of pictures I just can’t leave out:

time on the dock watching everyone in the lake:

time in the boat…oh wait, you were not a fan of that! I think it was more the life jacket that you weren’t a fan of, but that wasn’t coming off. So you had your first boat ride. We can check that one off the list and now wait until you might actually enjoy it without feeling like you’re in a body cast.

resting up on the ride home

Happy 7 months, Madelyn Adele! I assumed that the more you explored and learned, the more cautious you would be. I was wrong. You are absolutely fearless. There will be plenty of things in life that will try to change that and a healthy amount of fear is good for you, but for now, stay fearless. And know that we’ll be right here to protect you always.

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