Letters to Madelyn {3 Month Outtakes}

It is getting progressively harder to get you to sit still during pictures, but we always get at least one to put in your monthly letter and then several more to make me laugh all over again thinking about the little photoshoots we do.

Starts out just trying to get you to smile and not be so fascinated with the camera:

Then you get fascinated with everything outside the window:

Then you take the monkey down EVERY time…you act like you aren’t paying attention to what you’re doing, but you do it EVERY time. I think you’re perfecting your sneak attack:

Then I put him back and you look all ornery sweet and innocent:

Then you find your toes and won’t look up for a while:

Then you talk to the monkey:


Then I get this look whenever I say your whole name in an attempt to get you to look at me. Apparently you think that is mommy’s “you’re in trouble” voice. :(

And I swear I don’t typically let it get to this point, but sometimes you have to tell me when you’re done:

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