Letters to Madelyn {11 Months}

You have truly been gaining your independence this month and wrapped up the month by officially walking!

Right before that big news, we had other big news to celebrate–LuLu was able to officially retire on her 55th Birthday! While you’ve been in daycare for the past nine months she’s been visiting you every day on her lunch break and counting down the days until she could keep you full time! This is the absolute biggest blessing for us and I know you two are going to become the best of buddies!  IMG_3245 IMG_3265

This month also wrapped up the football season except for bowl games and you were such a trooper! Bedlam had a late kickoff and you were awake until the game went into overtime and you just fell asleep on your daddy despite the crazy noise!

2012-11-24 12.11.21 2012-11-24 12.11.35 2012-11-24 18.15.52

You are my big helper and love to help with the laundry, dusting and vacuuming.

2012-11-22 09.21.05

You like to crawl around underneath the table and chairs, but you cry if you get stuck and can’t figure out which way to go to get out.

2012-11-23 12.40.58 2012-11-23 12.41.03

Your cousin Cambria gave you her walker so you run in circles in the middle of the kitchen while I cook.

2012-11-30 10.04.132012-11-30 10.04.32

You will do anything for a laugh, and if you get a laugh, you will do it over and over and over again. :) Like sitting on toys that are not chairs and tumbling off of them, sticking socks in your mouth, or doing both for double the laughs…smart girl. ;)

2012-11-25 13.40.15

We went to the aquarium for the first time and you absolutely loved it! It’s only fitting that your favorite part is the shark tunnel since that’s where your daddy proposed. :)

IMG_3354 IMG_3332 IMG_3303 IMG_3275IMG_3388 IMG_3407IMG_3417 IMG_3423 IMG_3473 IMG_3482 IMG_3487 IMG_3495 2012-12-02 13.20.03

We went to the hospital to meet your new cousin Aiyanna and when we stopped by the nursery you were calling the babies “kitty”…they did have a lot of hair for newborns, so your mistake was understandable. :)

2012-12-12 18.52.04

Happy 11 months Madelyn Adele! I can’t believe you are already walking! You stand up and so confidently take steps forward when you will surely soon wobble and fall down. We watch you and hold our breath, hoping you don’t injure yourself, but smiling all the while ready to clap and celebrate the second your bottom hits the ground so that instead of crying you will smile and get right back up again. Your newfound independence is a reminder of how quickly our role as parents is changing from providers to encouragers. We have to let you do things on your own and provide you with the confidence of knowing that we’ll be right here, holding our breath, hoping the falls aren’t too damaging, encouraging you to get right back up again and celebrating when you soar.

2012-11-28 10.51.14 2012-11-27 10.54.00

Letters to Madelyn {10 Months}

Fall is in full swing and so are you! You’re using pretty much everything you can get your hands on as a little walker to scoot around and walk behind…we think you learned it from PaPa. ;) You’ll take steps between your daddy and I and you get so excited that after a while you just start lunging from one of us to the other!

2012-11-17 18.02.19

You are loving your walking, singing duck that you got at Easter and you like to stick things in his mouth while he’s singing.

2012-11-09 10.21.19 2012-11-09 10.21.47

You love helping me put on my makeup so LuLu got you a little vanity of your own. It makes a little “ah-choo” sound so you fake sneeze quite a bit and just giggle. :)

2012-11-12 14.27.15

You’re still our little night owl and if we go get you out of your crib in the morning you will come snuggle in our bed until we’re ready to get up.

2012-11-16 08.15.13

We spend most evenings at the park down the street until time for dinner. You love watching any big kids that are there and you act so big!

IMG_2883 IMG_2884 IMG_2887 IMG_2894 IMG_2898 IMG_2899

We visited the Pumpkin Patch with BoBo & LuLu:

IMG_2913 IMG_2914 IMG_2920 IMG_2930 IMG_2947 IMG_2961 IMG_2979 IMG_2981 IMG_3002 IMG_3012

You visited the hospital to meet your new cousin Anthony!


Had a Halloween Festival at daycare.

IMG_3108 IMG_3111 IMG_3113 IMG_3115

You are my little cleaning buddy so getting your own vacuum was in order, and I just couldn’t wait until Christmas to give it to you.

IMG_3130 IMG_3132 IMG_3133

You had your first Halloween! We went to Hallowzooeen instead of trick or treating and you loved the activities!

IMG_3187 IMG_3188 IMG_3191 IMG_3195 IMG_3204 IMG_3205 IMG_3207 IMG_3216 IMG_3221

You were no ordinary {adorable} spider on Halloween; you were Charlotte from Charlotte’s web. It is one of the books I used to read to you while you were in my belly and continue to read to you. Hopefully you will love it as much as I always have and can remember nearly every line from memory, but if you don’t, remember this: “You have been my friend. That in itself is a tremendous thing…By helping you, perhaps I was trying to lift up my life a trifle. Heaven knows anyone’s life can stand a little of that.” Happy 10 months Madelyn Adele!

2012-11-15 10.26.41 2012-11-19 11.19.27 2012-11-21 16.52.24

Letters To Madelyn {9 Months}

We’ve spent most of our weekends tailgating and watching football! You are such a great little fan, clapping and squealing and lasting through all 4 quarters!

IMG_2750 IMG_2757 IMG_2789 IMG_2792

You had your first Tulsa State Fair experience.

IMG_2793 IMG_2800 IMG_2810 IMG_2815 IMG_2816

Your daddy had a work trip in Texas so we tagged along and turned it into a weekend with the Downings! While daddy was working we had loads of fun with the toilet paper and pillows in the hotel room before doing lots of shopping and playing outside. ;)

IMG_2836 IMG_2839 IMG_2846 IMG_2850 IMG_2859 IMG_2866 IMG_2869 100512951813[00]

You are eating a lot of solid foods now and climbing on everything, especially PaPa’s wheelchair. You are so attentive to PaPa it just melts my heart!

IMG_2823 IMG_2825 IMG_2826 IMG_2827

Some of my favorite on-the-go phone pictures this month:

100212951151[00] 100312950954[00] 100312951813[00] 100512951454[00] 100812950931[00] 100912951000[00] 101112950934[00] 101312951439[00] 101512950959[00]


We have been so busy and time is passing too quickly. I have completely failed you on taking your posed monthly pictures next to your monkey and I assure you I have beat myself up about it plenty lately. I’ve consoled myself with the knowledge that although it would be so cute to have those pictures, we’ve been busy creating so many memories and I would rather insure I capture those. Happy 9 Month Birthday, Madelyn Adele! Though you will never know your size in relation to your stuffed monkey, rest assured that you have grown so much this month–from eating more solid foods to gaining more independence as you stand poised to walk on your own any day now. Thank you for constantly reminding me that you will only be this little for this day and that is reason enough to fill every last minute of it creating memories.








Letters To Madelyn {8 Months}

You have had an incredible month! It has been so great to watch you do so many things at 7 months old!

Here’s what you were up to before your 8 month birthday:

You are loving touch and feel books this month. You have two with animals in them and they are definitely your favorites.

You are such a busy bee and love to play. You prefer standing to play, but you’re also loving your car and your rocking horse.

You try to climb on things. I found you climbing on your twilight turtle so that can’t be in your crib anymore, only stuffed animals that sink when you step on them because you are still fearless.

You hate being restrained, especially in your car seat and you throw a fit. It doesn’t last long usually because you know you aren’t getting out.

about 2 seconds later…

BoBo kept you one day when you had been sick at daycare the day before and couldn’t go back until you were symptom free for 24 hours and I had to work. You arranged your toys before he got there:

and you guys seemed to have a good time all day!

You are loving this little sunshine toy that plays you are my sunshine and you push the button over and over again while I’m driving.

Some of my favorites from our daily morning pictures:

You started waving! It is so cute and you wave at everyone and sometimes just things…like the flagpole at daycare and a big penguin statue. :) You’re so friendly and we make the rounds at daycare in the mornings handing out smiles before you get to your classroom.

When you get really excited you make fists and shake with excitement. I swear I didn’t teach you this. It was so strange to see you do it because I used to do that when I was little! I have to get a picture of you doing it to put with these:

You have had 6 teeth (4 on top/2 on bottom) since you were 6 months old. You haven’t gotten any more, but I can’t get a picture of those puppies! Here’s the best one I have of you and daddy playing peek-a-boo with me one Saturday morning. :)

Loving your little showers in the kitchen sink. :)

Maddie Monster attacking the pillows while I make the bed in the morning:

You went to your first tailgate in Norman and then to your first college football game! You did amazing and stayed for 3 quarters of a 6:30pm game! You had been clapping a couple of days before the game and I tried to get you to do it for your daddy and you wouldn’t so I gave up and then at the game you started clapping like crazy with the crowd. It was adorable!

You started a swim class a few days after your 7 month birthday and you LOVE it!

Happy 8 months, Madelyn Adele! I think it’s only natural as a parent to worry about your child being the little fish in a big pond or to wonder if they are better off being the big fish in a little pond. I’ve realized this month that it doesn’t matter what pond you’re in. You’ve been the most advanced baby in some situations and the least advanced baby in others and it doesn’t change a thing. I’ve watched you hold your own when you’re the youngest and smallest and I’ve watched you be kind and helpful when you’re the oldest and biggest and both make me equally proud. Just be you in whatever pond you find yourself in and never rule out being the big fish in the big pond.


Letters To Madelyn {7 Months}

You turned 7 months old today! Here’s what you were up to during your 6th month of life:

You are so fast! It seemed like you were such a little froggy crawler and then all of the sudden you started really taking off!

And once you got places you decided you liked to pull up on anything and everything and just stand around.

And then you decided you liked to bend over and pick things up with one hand while just holding on to whatever you were standing by with the other…made me a nervous wreck, but you’re really holding your own!

You love when anyone crawls around with you and you love to find me hiding around the corner waiting on you. :)

You love to swing your swing, but refuse to get in it. I’m sure you’re a big help with the other babies at daycare.

Lately I’ve been finding you with Daddy reading Curious George stories before bed so that is probably your favorite book this month.

You’ve started wrinkling your nose when you smile a lot.

You are really liking wheels on things and are loving ride on toys.

You still love baths and just the water in general.

Some of my favorites from the daily pictures we send every morning:

You say mama, dada, baba (this seems to refer to a ball you like to play with). You started chattering up a storm while we were on vacation.

That leads to the most exciting thing you did this month–a roadtrip to North Carolina to stay at Uncle Tom & Aunt Kathy’s lakehouse with most of the Baker clan for a week! You are not a fan of the car so we’ll just try to forget that part and get to the good stuff. :)

playing with cousins

time on the dock in the kiddie pool–which leads to a set of pictures I just can’t leave out:

time on the dock watching everyone in the lake:

time in the boat…oh wait, you were not a fan of that! I think it was more the life jacket that you weren’t a fan of, but that wasn’t coming off. So you had your first boat ride. We can check that one off the list and now wait until you might actually enjoy it without feeling like you’re in a body cast.

resting up on the ride home

Happy 7 months, Madelyn Adele! I assumed that the more you explored and learned, the more cautious you would be. I was wrong. You are absolutely fearless. There will be plenty of things in life that will try to change that and a healthy amount of fear is good for you, but for now, stay fearless. And know that we’ll be right here to protect you always.

Letters To Madelyn {6 Months}

You’re officially crawling! You started crawling 4 days before your 6 month birthday and it was so good to see you getting somewhere after all of your hard work the past couple of months!

My doctor called you a gymnast the first time we heard your heartbeat. You’re proving her right this month as you’ve grown fond of sitting in the splits just in time for the olympics! :)

You love to stretch & bend!

You love to stand or have us hold you and walk you around.

You’re pretty intrigued by your puzzle book this month, but you love all of your books!

You are seriously the sweetest thing to wake up to in the morning.

You like to play with the drying rack and bottle brush while I get your food ready in the mornings before school:

You’re still enjoying pool days with LuLu!

BoBo & LuLu bought you your first ball cap!

I mentioned it last month, but we call you “the Maddie monster” when you make silly faces and “attack”. We will not be posting video of you squeeling and then blowing on my and your daddy’s belly making silly noises, but it is hilarious.

You love figuring out new toys and just play and play and play.

You’ve started really hating your car seat and would prefer if we let you stand up and pretend to drive instead of belting you in…

You were the flower girl in Uncle CyCy’s wedding! I walked you down the aisle and you fell asleep on my shoulder as soon as we got to our seat!

I started making you food and you LOVE everything we give you…well, maybe not green beans, but you eat them anyway.

You say yeah, mama, dada, and other things we can’t make out. I call you my little Italian because of the way you say Ma-Muh. It’s so adorable. :)

You met Grant Downing for the first time in Oklahoma City for his baptism. We met up the night before and you had just been changed and I didn’t get your pants back on you, sorry about that. :)

You helped cousin Cambria celebrate her 1st birthday!

What did aunt Sue do to you? :)

You were also not a fan of your 6 month shots at the doctor, but they gave you this awesome little moracca and all was right with the world. :)

You are now 26.25in long (60%) and 16lb.05 oz (60%).

Happy 6 months Madelyn Adele! Time is flying by so quickly and that was never more apparent than this month. I had all intentions of having an official photoshoot for your half birthday and it never happened. We were busy, you and I passed around a stomach bug right around your birthday and time in general just slipped away from me. I promise that although we didn’t document your growth compared to your monkey or dress you up and try to catch a few good pictures out of a million, that we did enjoy every single day of your 6th month of life. We’ll keep cherishing every moment no matter how fast it passes even if the only documentation we have of it is a picture from my outdated phone. :)

Your “official” 6 month photo. And yes, you are this awesome every day, in case you’re wondering.

Letters To Madelyn {Independence Day}

We celebrated Independence Day with a parade at your school the day before and then the annual 4th of July celebration at BoBo & LuLu’s on the 4th. The school parade was on the local news, but you were on the wrong side of the buggy to be on tv, we did see your arm, but I’m not sure that counts. :) You were all business. I’m not sure you were aware you could let go and still stay on the buggy.

Seriously, all business, didn’t even notice us going crazy trying to get your attention when you went by.

You also weren’t really feeling your photo shoot on the 4th…but I swear you had such a fun day playing with Harrison and going for a swim!

I only got one picture of you and Harrison while I was putting down my camera:

Because poor Harrison needed to be rescued from the Maddie monster:

End of photoshoot…on to swimming!